New video and flyer for one-on-one guitar lessons.

I teach guitar out of my home studio in Sacramento, CA. Get in touch if you’d like to set up lessons. Here’s an introduction video and the flyer I plan to post around the area. Click here if you’d like more information.





New video: TGT performing “Inner Urge”

First time playing with this group. David O’Keefe on bass, Mike Quigg on drums. Filmed at Shady Lady, Sacramento, 02/14/13.

Chords with Bass Lines (New Lesson)

Here’s my latest online lesson. In addition to the main topic there’s also a little music theory explanation. Hope you get something out of it!

Tyson Graf Trio – Live from the Shady Lady!

Had a great gig with Mike Johnston and Ian Barlow on December 13th. Here’s some highlights from the first set…

…and the second set.

Sweep Picking (New Lesson)

Hey everyone, a lot of my private students and some of my online students have asked me about sweep picking so I thought I would share some techniques. Hope you enjoy.

Practicing Scales Creatively

Video highlights from TGT’s Press Club show.

Hey everyone, this video includes some music clips with some discussion on improvisation with Mike Johnston, Ian Barlow, and myself woven in. The inside shots get a little blurry off and on (the room was pretty dark) but there’s some good grooves in there. Hope you enjoy it.


Last Night’s Show

Played a killer 90 minute set last night with Mike Johnston on drums and Ian Barlow on bass. Not only that, but the camcorder was brought along and we filmed the whole set along with some musical conversations I had with Mike and Ian… stay tuned for a video recap of the evening!

Practicing Scales Creatively (New Lesson)

Hey everyone, wanted to share some ideas about how to be creative while practicing scales. Since the whole idea of learning scales is to make music, I wanted to make a series of videos to help guitarists/musicians learn how to do that. I really hope some of you get something out of this.

Practicing Scales Creatively

Video from this week’s recording session.

Hey guys, my trio with Mike Johnston and Gerry Pineda recently went into a studio and recorded a couple tracks. Here’s a short video that Mike put together of us recording my tune called Familiar. I feel very lucky to be playing and recording with these cats. -Tyson

The Tyson Graf Trio – Familiar from Mike Johnston on Vimeo.

Tyson Graf Trio at the Press Club Nov. 12th!

This will be a great show, I’ll be performing with Mike Johnston on drums and Ian Barlow on bass. Hope to see you there! -Tyson

Link to Facebook event page