Tyson picked up the guitar at age 13 and never looked back. After several years of private lessons and playing in various ensembles and rock bands, he set his eyes on Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he graduated in 2003. Tyson has had the pleasure to study with incredible musicians including Mike Stern, Wayne Krantz, Hal Crook, Mick Goodrick, Joe Gilman, and many others.

Tyson’s first album, “Say No More,” was released in 2005 (under the band name “Modifyde”). Two years later, he released “Clear”, his second record, but first under simply “Tyson Graf.” Graf’s latest record, “Rehearsals,” released in 2011, is a collection of tracks culled from several rehearsal sessions that took place in 2010. Five out of the eight tracks are completely improvised, while the other three tracks have some compositional elements with lots of improvising. The release of “Rehearsals” and the rationale for putting it out the way he did was a bit of a watershed moment, wherein his jazz-influenced improvising and hard rock sensibilities coalesced into a unique new approach.

Lately Tyson has been gigging extensively with two different versions of the “Tyson Graf Trio.” The more experimental rock fusion group consists of Mike Johnston on drums and Gerry Pineda on bass, which plays original compositions surrounded by lots of improvising, all based on straight grooves. The other Trio is a straight ahead jazz endeavor that consists of a variety of some of the most talented bassists and drummers in the area. Both Trios perform in and around Sacramento, California, and regularly at the Shady Lady Saloon.

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