Tyson’s Lessons

In addition to conducting private lessons in the Sacramento, CA area, Tyson is regularly posting video lessons on topics ranging from alternate picking to the 12-bar blues form. Tyson shares his knowledge and unique insight in videos that appeal to beginning, intermediate, and advanced guitar players. Keep checking back for more videos! If you’re interested in taking private lessons with Tyson, contact him through our contact page.

Click here to check out the “Tyson’s Lessons” channel on YouTube. You can subscribe to the channel so that you receive an update when a new lesson is posted.

Chords with Bass Lines

Sweep Picking

Practicing Scales Creatively

Alternate Picking

Improvising Four-Bar Phrases

Warm Up Exercises for Practice and Performance

12-Bar Blues: Chords and Leads

Triads & Arpeggios

Chord-Tone Soloing

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