TYSON GRAF TRIO – Familiar (2012)

The Tyson Graf Trio – Familiar from Mike Johnston on Vimeo

Tyson Graf – guitars
Mike Johnston – drums
Gerry Pineda – bass

Went into a studio on Halloween to record a three song demo. Hope you enjoy it!

TYSON GRAF – Rehearsals (2011)

Buy it at Abstract Logix, the iTunes store, or

Tyson Graf – guitars
Chris Brawley – drums


“Guitarist Tyson Graf isn’t content with exploring the surface; instead, he’d rather the plumb the depths. To him, playing music takes on a transcendent quality. “As I get older music becomes more and more of a spiritual activity,” Graf revealed. “Spiritual in the sense of becoming more enlightened through mRehearsals cover artusic and hopefully enlightening others.” On his second album Rehearsals, Graf stitches together his command of progressive-rock guitar with his fascination for jazz improv. The union of the two makes for an exhilarating combination, especially when Graf recorded the tracks without composing them before entering the studio. The rawness of the tracks makes for some fiery, unpredictable listening. “Chord Riff” and “The Grand Finale” charge with scorching licks that are nevertheless rooted in blues and funk. On “Improvisation One” and “Improvisation Two,” Graf manages to balance the high-voltage speed of heavy metal with the rambunctious grooves of jazz. Contributing to the sonic mayhem is drummer Chris Brawley (the only other musician on the album), who pounds the skins with the impact of fireballs pulverizing the Earth. The purity of the songs in Rehearsals reflects Graf’s relationship with music in general. To him, it’s not about attaining wealth or fame. “I’ve never had a very good business mind,” Graf revealed. “It’s always been far easier for me to create,” Nevertheless, Graf would like to “sell more records, tour the world, and play clinics with my new drummer Mike Johnston. Johnston does clinics all over the world, and we are just starting to develop a guitar and drum duo that he thinks will work great with his drum clinics.” For now, though, releasing Rehearsals has provided much-need gratification. “I felt a sense of accomplishment recording songs,” Graf explained. “It was a great way to express myself and document the process of creating.”” -All About Jazz

“Weapon of mass destruction noun: Tyson Graf’s guitar. Graf is a gunslinger of a different sort…On his second album Rehearsals, Graf unites his appetite for hard rock with his knife-sharp talent for jazzy improvisation. The result is an electrifying set of transcendent riffing and whiplash chord changes.” -Jazz Corner

TYSON GRAF – Clear (2007)

Clear cover art

Buy it at the iTunes store or

Tyson Graf – guitars/keyboards
Jeff Porter – drums/percussion
Mark King – bass
Steve Roach – trumpet

Tyson’s first release under his own name.


“What Graf plays, as evinced on his newish disc, Clear, is a singular concoction: Not so much songs as melodic, instrumental, mildy funky guitar showcases…. His easy control and expressive fluency augurs a great future…” -Jonathan Kiefer, Sacramento News & Review

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